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Youth health


What will I find here?

This section considers:

  • the types of changes you'll be going through during adolescence
  • safe sex and contraception
  • drink, smoking and drugs - information and dangers
  • your nutritional needs, how to eat right and maintain a healthy weight
  • body image and eating disorders
  • useful advice for vegetarians
  • caring for your skin and hair through good eating
  • problems at school including bullying and dyslexia
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Adolescence is a time of huge change, growth and development. Not only is your body changing, but, you may notice that your attitudes and feelings towards others and life in general are different. Hormonal changes kick in and may seem to cause havoc for the first few months. This is normal, but if you take good care of your body, follow a healthy balanced diet, take a little exercise and get enough rest, you'll be able take these years in your stride.