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Older people can enjoy good health


People across the developed world are living longer lives. This is thanks to better understanding of hygiene and more effective medical treatment of curable diseases.

For this reason it is important that greater attention is paid to ensuring this long life is accompanied by quality of life.

Research is increasingly showing that many of the medical conditions assumed to be a consequence of old age, such as heart or kidney disease, high blood pressure or obesity are linked rather to environmental and lifestyle factors than just to ageing per se.

Physical performance naturally declines as we age. And yet (discounting the development of serious disease), the rate of ageing varies widely among different people. Happily, research now shows that we can influence the factors that make us age through active living and healthy eating. In this way good functioning of the body can be maintained.

Older people can lead full and healthy lives if they pay attention to good nutrition and take appropriate exercise.