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What can iwant2bhealthy do for you?

iwant2bhealthy is a health and nutrition driven site, focusing largely on prevention rather than cure. The site is split into the following user groups: Mother & Baby, Youth, Adults and Seniors.

Our aim is to:

  • promote optimum health
  • stimulate high levels of physical and mental performance
  • avoid ill health.

iwant2bhealthy is the starting point for anyone who might have health problems, concerns or queries.

This site contains:

  • Advice and remedies to keep you at optimum health
  • Establishing your daily vitamin & mineral needs
  • Foods and supplements to satisfy your dietary requirements
  • Information about diseases and conditions
  • Alternative and herbal medicine for common health problems
  • News of the latest medical & nutritional developments
  • The impact of scientific progress in genetics on health issues

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Information provided is not intended to replace advice from professional medical practitioners.